01/10/2007: Choicefx Releases Client Api Technology
One of the fastest growing segments of the financial industry as a whole and Forex market in particular is automated trading. ChoiceFX as a platform is uniquely suited for proprietary trading, for any financial entity that wishes to implement its own black box strategy or develop a unique automatic trading system.

ChoiceFX is an electronic currency trading platform that is able to accommodate multiple liquidity vendors within one system. ChoiceFX currently has about 20 working connections to various liquidity providers in the industry. By sourcing all of this pricing in one system, our platform is able to create one synthetic bid/offer pair with very tight spreads which represents the best amongst all of the competing sources.

Secondly, ChoiceFX now offers to its existing and potential customers a proprietary API technology that gives users access via a single connection to:

  1. synthetic tradable liquidity with very tight spreads
  2. real-time access to complete account information
  3. access to historical pricing data ability to create and modify 3 different types of stops, including trailing stops, as well as take profit orders
  4. trading at market and/or with a specified slippage

When trading via the API users are able to take advantage of the fast execution times, under 100ms for complete trade execution on the server and very tight spreads.

ChoiceFX is also able to accommodate most if not all business models that are currently used in the industry, from multi-dealer to single dealer, various mechanisms of charging customer fees, and so on.

The API distribution package includes detailed documentation on its usage, as well as a Sample application that demonstrates its functions.



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