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06/11/2007: New Breakthrough Solution For Metatrader Brokers

Copenhagen, Zurich, London - Saxo Bank and JDFX are launching Meta RMS, a breakthrough offering for the fast growing community of MetaTrader Brokers. Meta RMS provides liquidity, hedging, scalping protection and risk management tools.

MetaTrader is a popular software solution for FX traders. However, many MetaTrader brokers seek pricing information, liquidity, risk management and automated hedging tools from other providers. FX brokers using MetaTrader also look to third party remedies for online protection against nuisances such as ‘snipers’ and news traders. With Meta RMS, Saxo Bank, a pioneer and global market leader in online investment, and JDFX, a high-tech FX technology provider, have created a powerful product that addresses the needs of MetaTrader brokers.

Christian Frahm, Senior Executive Director, Saxo Bank said: “The Meta RMS offering will take care of several crucial issues in one offering. We have seen an increasing demand from MetaTrader users to provide risk management, protection from snipers, hedging, prices, liquidity, etc. Together with JDFX we have developed a state-of-the-art offering that covers all these essential needs for any professional FX trader.”

Within a single offering, Meta RMS provides advanced risk management with both manual and automated hedging and protection from snipers. Furthermore, Meta RMS offers a reliable, timely and spike-free price feed, a high number of crosses and first-class liquidity from the world’s biggest banks.

Today, many MetaTrader users run numerous software programs and are forced to monitor client positions on several servers. This makes it an extremely time consuming task to calculate and hedge risk. With automated hedging, brokers not only save time, but they also improve their hedging significantly around the clock, while the Meta RMS also assists brokers in meeting local regulations.

James Pieron, CEO of Swiss-based JDFX said: “The Meta RMS product allows FX retail brokers to manage their risk from one central point regardless of their size, location, and/or number of servers. Hedging can be controlled at the client, group, or exposure level. The Meta RMS product also regulates fair pricing and execution. This means on-market and instant execution for FX retail traders and off-market and arbitrage protection for FX retail brokers.”

Meta RMS will be offered to financial institutions and brokerage firms worldwide. Saxo Bank and JDFX anticipate a significant interest primarily from the Asian markets, the UK, North America, Russia and Germany, where MetaTrader is widely used among FX brokers.

Watch a presentation of Meta RMS at www.metarms.com



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