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28/02/2008: World Topinvestor Winner Easily Beats Performance Of Hedge Funds

Haochen Hu, a seasoned investor from Hong Kong, won this year’s World TopInvestor competition with gains of almost 785% over 12 months.

London – The winner of World TopInvestor Competition 2007-08, Haochen Hu, has outperformed the world’s leading hedge funds with gains of almost 785% over the competition period. The competition is a live, real money, capital markets trading competition lasting for a full year. The prize for the top investor is the management of a fund with an investment value of USD 250,000 sponsored by Saxo Bank, a global leader in online trading and investment services.

The winner of the 2007-08 competition was Haochen Hu, who led a strong field including Guo Hanqui with a net gain of 630%, Julian Szkirpan from the United States with 555% as well as Hungarian investors György Doleschall with a 315% gain and Tamás Czajner with 135%.

“Losing money is bad, but it is much worse when you don't know why you lost. I have traded online for eight years and you must study and be familiar with the product you want to invest in. My strategy was simple. I focused on currency trading and used the higher leverage when I felt the chance was there,” commented Hu.

Surprised with the end result himself, Hu’s near 785% gain is extraordinary. According to Hedge Fund Research Inc. indices, a series of benchmarks designed to reflect hedge fund industry performance by constructing equally weighted composites of constituent funds, the weighted index was up 10.02% in 2007. Research from Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research, indicates the average return was 12.5%.

“The World TopInvestor competition is a way to build recognition of your skills. You compete against traders from all over the world, trading on the same platform while using any and all of the instruments available. This year’s participants were world league investors, able to make a profit in a falling market, and easily beating professional traders,” said Christian Lund Hammer, Global Head of Partner Marketing from Saxo Bank.

Christian Lund Hammer emphasises the winners had a thorough understanding of how the market works and great talent to trade in an increasingly volatile market.

“One of the biggest changes throughout 2007 was the increase in volatility and consequently a widening of ranges. To benefit from that, you need skills in trading Forex, Commodities, CFDs and Futures. This year’s winners had those skills,” commented Christian Lund Hammer.

Next year’s World TopInvestor Competition is open to all entrants willing to open an account with any Broker sponsor. Among this year’s sponsors of the World TopInvestor competition were several leading online investment banks and brokers from all over the world including: Saxo Bank, Commodity Broking Services, BenchMark Finance, Cambiste, Finexo, Buda-Cash Brókerház, TMS Brokers, Banco Best, Poteza BPD, Dif Broker and RCG FX Trader.



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