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08/04/2008: Fxcm Launches Their Enhanced Dollar Index Programs
FXCM, one of the largest Forex Dealer Members, recently introduced the Enhanced Dollar Index Programs. Theses programs, which use the DXY Index as a benchmark, let investors take a position based on the direction of the dollar without having to trade the dollar themselves, seeking to outperform the DXY Index.

The difference: FXCM Enhanced Dollar Index Programs
Actively adjusted weightings of currencies and leverage to take advantage    of market conditions*
Ability to switch between the Dollar Bull and Dollar Bear programs with no    additional fees or commissions

Most ETFs and Currency Index Products
Passive Investment
Fixed weightings of currencies and either unleveraged or set leverage.

The FXCM Enhanced Dollar Index Programs were developed by the systems trading desk at FXCM with direction from DailyFX.com analysts. Using proprietary FXCM order flow data, these actively managed programs are exclusively available through FXCM. The FXCM Enhanced Dollar Index Programs use sophisticated, back-tested strategies designed to minimize loss and aim to provide a higher return on investment than just investing in the Index directly.**

The FXCM Enhanced Dollar Index programs are different from other currency ETFs or currency futures indexes, which traditionally do not optimize their positions based on market conditions. The FXCM Dollar-Bull Index Account beat the DXY Index 3 out of 5 years, and the FXCM Dollar-Bear Index Account beat the DXY Index 4 out of 5 years.***



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