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25/04/2008: Take Part In The “formula Forex” Competition And Win A Bonus Of Up To 50 000 Eur!
Dear clients and participants in Deltastock’s Demo Forex trading competition,

We would like to inform you, that 1st May 2008, marks the beginning of Deltastock’s new trading competition – “FORMULA FOREX”, which will replace the existing Demo currency trading competition.

Every month, the leading 8 participants in “FORMULA FOREX”, with the largest account balance will be awarded bonuses as follows: the contest winner receives a bonus of 20%, while the contestants ranked from 2nd to 8th place will receive a bonus of 10% on the initial sum deposited upon activation of a Live Delta Trading account.

For more information, you can acquaint yourselves with the rules of the “FORMULA FOREX” competition at this address:



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