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14/05/2009: Ig Group Named In Top Employer List

IG Group has been selected as one of Britain’s Top Employers of 2009 by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF), an independent organisation that benchmarks the most successful businesses, both in the UK and globally.

The CRF survey, which identifies top-performing companies, was scored on categories including Pay and Benefits, Training and Development and Company Culture. IG Group was noted as having ‘a supportive culture with a real passion for success’ and scored well across all areas.

IG Group’s Head of HR, Jackie Bornor, says: ‘We are delighted to have been included in the CRF’s “Britain’s Top Employers” project for the first time. The CRF is rigorous in its research methodology and uses a wide range of assessment criteria, which means that successful employers need to be all-rounders with regard to employment policy and company culture. IG is very aware that employees are the key to its continued success and is determined to continue with best practice employer initiatives.’



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