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18/10/2007: Fxcm Announces Automated Systems Trading
FXCM recently introduced its new systems trading platform – Forex System Selector (FSS) Clients now have the ability to customize and manage an automated trading system.

Forex System Selector provides traders access to over 40 back-tested systems. The Forex System Selector is configured so that traders can compare several systems side-by-side, and then choose which ones to add to their own automated portfolio.

Designed for traders who are too busy to trade, or want to diversify away from their own trading style, or want better risk management control, Forex System Selector allows the trader to:

  • View overlay performance of multiple systems
  • View back-tested performance of your portfolio
  • Monitor all trades placed on your account
  • Benefit from automated execution – 24 hours a day
  • Apply risk management control options on your account
  • Benefit from unlimited portfolio customization and diversification

After creating and testing trading systems, clients can monitor their trading portfolio for results at any time, as well as abandon any system immediately or change their leverage.*

The announcement was made by Drew Niv, CEO of FXCM, who stated, "Forex System Selector solves the problem of looking for a good system."

"Since no single trading system performs well with every currency pair in every kind of market, traders can test each combination of systems and assemble a portfolio that best suits them," said Niv. "No systems are flawless and there are no miracle solutions in a box that always perform well. Traders should select multiple systems that do well in different markets."



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