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15/11/2009: Fxcm Launches Net Stop And Limit Orders On U.s. Accounts

New York, November 16, 2009—FXCM LLC is re-introducing a great feature to the FXCM Trading Station: Stops and Limits. FXCM has created a new set of stop orders and limit orders that are compliant with the FIFO rules mandated in 2009.

Stop orders and limit orders are some of the most popular tools a trader has to manage risk. FXCM has created a short video to educate FXCM LLC clients on how to use these new stop and limit orders.

Traders with FXCM LLC accounts based in the United States can now place stops on all positions in any one currency pair. The new stops and limits will apply to every open position in the currency pair. FXCM calls these new orders “net stop orders” and “net limit orders” because they apply to the total positions, or “net” positions in that pair. Since net stops and net limits apply to all positions in one currency pair, traders now set them in the “Summary” window of the trading station. The “Summary” window shows traders all the positions they currently have open in each currency pair. FXCM LLC clients will notice that there is now a new Stop column and a new Limit column at the far right side of the “Summary” window.

FXCM hopes traders will find these new features useful in their trading, and FXCM will continue to work to improve their abilities as a trader.

For more information on net stop orders and net limit orders, go to the FAQ here: http://forexforums.dailyfx.com/fxcm-trading-station-update-nov-13/.

To open a demo account to test the new net stop orders and net limit orders, click here: http://www.fxcm.com/open-free-100k.jsp.



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